This year El Amistad honored several veterans to open Fiesta Amistad 2014 on Saturday, May 24th. First honored was Robert P. Hernandez, originally believed to be the only Round Rock citizen killed in the Vietnam conflict. His mother stood in his place as the flag was raised, taps was played, and a 21 gun saluted performed. Following that, the following veterans were recognized and presented with plaques thanking them for their service to our country:
Lt. Col. John Sloan, U.S. Army retired (Vietnam Veteran) Anthony (Tony) Sanchez, U.S. Navy - E4 (Vietnam Veteran) SSgt. Lamont Barefieldpeace, U.S. Army (Iraq & Aegan Veteran) T. Sgt. Juan Rodriguez, U.S. Air Force (Iraq & Aegan Veteran) SSgt. Elaine Rodriguez, U.S. Air Force Medical Specialist (N/V Conflict) P.F.C. Gilbert Loera - U.S. Army Infantry (World War II Veteran) Paul Montalvo - U.S. Army (Vietnam Veteran) Prince Hunphries - U.S. Army (Iraq & Aegan Veteran 10 years service) Raymond Castillo - U.S Marine Corps (Vietnam Veteran)
Also recognized was "Ollie" Leslie Sauls, another Round Rock native killed in action during the Vietnam conflict. His family remaining in Round Rock spoke on his behalf that day.